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Exciting Embryo Adoption Announcement!

My husband and I have always been very open about our infertility struggles and subsequent adoption journey, and even more so when we heard about embryo adoption. I, like many of my friends and family, had never heard of this type of adoption and it would be an understatement to say it intrigued me. Once we started learning more about it and realized just how many embryos are actually available for adoption, I wanted to spread the word even more.

We are filled with gratitude for the gift of embryo adoption and for the selfless family that donated their embryos for adoption. Since my son was born in October, the magnitude of all of the other precious lives waiting 'in the freezer' has weighed on me even more than sweet boy is the physical representation of all of the other babies who also need to be given a chance at life.

That’s why I am so thankful and excited that Christian Adoption Consultants is launching an Embryo Adoption Program! We worked with CAC previously when we had started on the infant adoption path, and as I've come to know the founders and consultants I can confidently say that they are a wonderful organization that truly understands not only the value of these lives, but the need for adoptive families to give them a chance. With this new program launching, my hope and prayer is that this will help to spread awareness and connect willing families with waiting embryos so we can continue to get more babies 'out of the freezer'. ❤️

In addition to this new program launch, I’m also extremely excited to announce that I've joined Christian Adoption Consultants as an Embryo Adoption Advocate so that I can serve as a resource for families interested in embryo adoption as well as for those that are going through the process. I’ve been blown away by how God has seamlessly orchestrated all of this and am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

You can find out more about the Embryo Adoption Program here.

Grace With Attitude

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