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It's been almost seven years since Ray and I started our new life in Madison, WI. Originally from the Rockford, IL area, we decided that we wanted to start our life together in a new city with lots of opportunities, yet still remain close to our families. We found all of that and more in the Madison area, and we have absolutely loved our time here. In less than a month, we will say goodbye and start a new adventure in Roscoe, IL (which is still so hard to believe). It's an understatement that we're sad to leave, yet we're so excited for what the future holds for us.

So how did we arrive at this decision? Well, let me start by saying that since I moved to Madison, I have always said that I will NEVER move back to the area where we grew up. I guess that was my first mistake - never say never! 😄 That being said, we have known that whenever we did start a family, we would want to be near family, and especially my mom. Well, our plans to start a family certainly haven't gone as planned, so we hadn't discussed it much further than "when we get pregnant, then we'll decide." Then last July, life as we knew it fell apart when we lost my dad. I realized nothing would ever be the same, and all of the plans we had made before that day didn't matter anymore. We found ourselves traveling more and more down to IL to spend time with family.

At the end of March, we started to have serious discussions about our future, the fertility issues we're facing combined with our desire to start a family, and our knowledge that we couldn't keep up the pace of traveling nearly every weekend. We started to realize that (quite surprisingly) what made the most sense was moving back to IL. This move allows us to be closer to our family, cut down on our travel back and forth on the weekends, and......the most exciting part of all of this - start the process to adopt a baby!!!!!!!!

I promise I will go into more detail about our adoption decision in a future post (as well as our continued fertility efforts), but needless to say we're VERY excited for what lies ahead for us! Our new home is being finished at this very moment and we're very anxious to get moved in and start our life in the town where Ray grew up. Much more to come - but for now I think this blog post is long enough! 😄 As always, thank you for joining us on the journey. Xoxo

Grace With Attitude

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