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Behind the Blogger

I'm Kat, a happily-married wife to Ray and dog mama to Sampson, recently living in Illinois by way of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!) by way of Illinois. 😄 And as much as I lament living in a cold-weather state, I'm a true Midwest girl at heart (and can't deny how much I love a good snowstorm). 

I started this blog mostly as a therapeutic way for me to explore difficult topics of infertility and grief, and in doing so have found that although these topics are not talked about often in everyday life, many struggle with them. I'm finding that sometimes, seeing someone else voice what you're privately feeling is supportive and healing in and of itself. So, this is my journey of resolve to not give up on my dream of having a child, and resolve to grieve the loss of someone I loved in the most healthy way I can.  And somewhere along the way, I hope to find hope.


Thank you for coming along on the journey with me.



Grace With Attitude

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